A number of Native Michigan prairie and savanna habitats have been created for educational demonstration and habitat restoration. Many of these projects involved site investigations of soil type, hydrology, and species composition for the establishment of plantings and enhancements, as well as the organization of partnerships, programming and signage.

The following is a list of sites for whom we have developed seeding specifications:

  • Waterloo Farm Museum, MDNR
  • Rives Junction Rest Area, MDOT & Jackson CD
  • Saranac Rest Area, MDOT
  • Grosse Ile Nature Area, GINLC
  • Indian Springs, HCMA

Nativescape assisted the USFWS and NRCS with potential wetland site identification, development of site plans, native plant selection, and installation of wetland restoration and creation projects. This was based on site investigations of soil type, hydrology and plant inventories for the establishment of native wetland plantings. All these sites were on private land and so can not be listed.