A site survey was conducted on said property, requested by Pollack Design Associates for Pfizer Corp. This investigation consisted of a preliminary natural feature inventory, wetland delineation and ecological assessment to determine the ecosystem types and soil bioengineering assessment to determine the BMP’s or Best Management Practices that may be needed for the stabilization and natural rehabilitation of the drainage on the site. The client was purchasing the site to develop the site and wanted to preserve and enhance the natural features of the property.

Nativescape developed an evaluation of the area by analyzing soil type, topography, vegetation, hydrologic conditions and the history of the site. Based on these findings, a report was generated giving an ecological description, general impressions, endangered and threatened species recommendations, potential for management, and/or specific management suggestions of the BMP’s (Best Management Practices). A Landmark Tree Survey was also done on the site to determine the large or landmark trees on the site.