Nativescape redesigned and installed a native riparian buffer along the mill raceway off of the River Rouge in Hines Drive Parkway. This was part of the Wayne County Parks Division initiative to restore the riparian ecosystems of the Rouge River Riparian Corridor in Wayne County. Native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants were installed along the raceway in a natural landscape design in order to improve wildlife habitat, control stream bank erosion, and enhance the degraded raceway. Nativescape developed site specific seed mixes, coordinated construction and offered monitoring. Local native Michigan plant community types were used for this project.

Nankin Mills is a historical site used as the Park Divisions headquarters and for interpretive programs for the school systems in Wayne County. The site is used as an example to Wayne County developers and citizens as to the possible results of a more natural approach to stream bank stabilization. This project was highlighted in an Oakland County Water Authority local television program stressing the importance of improving water quality.