Nativescape in cooperation with the Wildlife Habitat Council will restore the native terrestrial habitat on Fordson Island on the Rouge River using natural landscaping and soft engineering techniques. Nativescape developed the “Fordson Island Ecological Restoration Design” plan in 2005. The Plan highlights and expands on USACE recommendations for ecological restoration on selected sites along the River Rouge.

The restoration of the terrestrial portions of the island will consist of mesic (moist) upland savanna and a forested buffer along the east side of the site to buffer a neighboring salvage yard. The savanna habitat will be composed of Michigan native grass and forb species. The forested buffer will be dominated by Michigan native tree and shrub species but will also have an herbaceous understory planted. The savanna will be surrounded by a forested wetland habitat to enhance and expand the existing habitat that is not Marathon property. In each of these habitat areas a combination of native seed and plants will be used to establish the corresponding plant community types.