This was a high profile project to demonstrate the potential of natural storm water treatment in a landscaped setting. Working with the engineering firm Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr and Huber and the landscape firm of O’Boyle, Cowell, Blalock & Assoc. on the project our goal was to design an effective and efficient storm water treatment system that was integrated into a beautiful park. Traditional and native landscaping blended to provide an inviting gateway to Portage City Hall by foot, bike, or car. Native storm water treatment areas in the form of flowing streams, wetlands, and buffers beautify the park space with colorful plants and flowers that improve water quality. Bioengineering BMP’s restored and stabilized the Portage Creek stream banks to a more natural state. Traditional upland landscaping harmonizes with the City Centre area.

Site surveys and historical research laid the ground work for determining the plant community types for the site. Nativescape provided landscape design support with native plant determination and layout in all of the natural areas on the site. The BMP soil bioengineering techniques were determined and developed for the streambank restoration. The project construction support was done and completed in 2004.