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Chris Lehr,
Restoration Ecologist / Nativescape President/Owner

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, Eastern Michigan University
  • Natural Resource Management and Use, Joint Curriculum, University of Michigan
  • Soil Bioengineering, Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Conservation Plan Writer Certification Course, NRCS
  • Stewardship Team Building & Diversity Training, Michigan State University Extension
  • Biodiversity Management, Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • Forest Stewardship Management Plan Writing Course, MDNR and MSUE
  • Prescribed Fire Training, MDNR, The Nature Conservancy, Ann Arbor Parks

Mr. Lehr has over two decades of experience with the practical application of ecological and wetland restoration sciences into conventional landscape and ecological remediation projects. He has created multifunctional landscapes that are aesthetically pleasing and less maintenance by using natural landscape design along with strategies like LID low impact development, natural stormwater and bioengineering BMP’s. With over two decades of experience in the practice of ecological restoration, biology, botany, ornithology, mammalogy and zoology, Mr. Lehr has the background needed for incorporating natural systems into any project.

Mr. Lehr has focused on:
  • Natural stormwater management for natural protection and restoration of surface water systems.
  • Native ecological restoration, creation and management of natural community types.
  • Natural landscape design to reduce maintenance and enhance sites.
  • Wetland creation, delineation, GIS mapping, mitigation, and monitoring.
  • Natural features inventories, floristic quality assessment, threatened & endangered species, presettlement, and mapping.
Mr. Lehr has developed and designed:
  • Successful ecological remediation projects.
  • Natural landscape designs that are multifunctional.
  • Soil bioengineering BMP’s for shoreline restoration, stream bank stabilization and slope erosion control.
  • Natural stormwater management systems for municipal storm water treatment.
  • Landscapes for Learning plans for school’s environmental education and landscapes with a function.
  • Open Space Evaluation tools were designed to identify and score existing natural features.
  • Many educational Power Point presentations.
  • He has been responsible for the coordination of ecological education programs with schools,
    municipalities, Michigan Dept. Natural Resources, Michigan Dept. of Agriculture and Conservation Districts.

Mr. Lehr has worked directly with drain commisioners, municipalities, county and state officials and private clients during all phases of a project. As part of his professional experience, Mr. Lehr has completed numerous grant appllications and admisistered grants regarding a number of funding programs.

He has extensive experience in the preparation of permit applications for regulated activities under federal, state, and local jurisdictions.


Mr. Lehr has written educational articles and materials along with technical articles for magazines, MSU Extension, NRCS, SCDs, local newspapers, and others from 1994 to the present. Artwork and photography was done for many of the publications.


  • Native Plants for Agricultural Drain Management- A Restoration Approach: The Icing on the Cake!
  • Naturalized Agricultural Drains: We can have our cake and eat it too
  • Linking Michigan History with Greenways
  • Greening of the Riprap
  • What are Rain Gardens?
  • Natural Stormwater Management. Front Cover Pipeline
  • The Most Endangered Ecosystem – Lakeplain Prairie
  • Go Native for Erosion Control! front cover Pipeline
  • Native Plants Beautify Stormwater Retention Basins & Increase Function
  • The Best Wildlife Habitat
  • Oak Regeneration and Habitat Restoration
  • Why should we use Michigan Genotype Native Plants?
  • What is the Best Wildlife Habitat? (Native Ecosystems)
  • Michigan in the Prairie Peninsula
  • Using Native Plants, Saving Costs and Ecosystems
  • Getting to the Roots of Native Grasses
  • Solving Your Landscape Maintenance Problems

Educational Materials:

  • Rain Garden Brochure
  • Great Lakes Shoreline Restoration Brochure
  • Ten Reasons to Use Native Plants
  • Michigan Genotype Native Plants
  • Planting Woodland, Wetland & Prairie Native Plants
Professional Memberships & Certifications
  • Society of Wetland Scientists
  • Society of Ecological Restoration
  • Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners
  • Michigan Natural Areas Council
  • Michigan Wildlife Society
  • Wildflower Association of Michigan
  • Licensed Michigan Nursery
  • National Native Plant Producer
  • Certified State of Michigan Vendor – MDOT approved
  • Wayne County Certificate of Awardability
  • DTE Energy certified vendor